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15 Last-Minute Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under AED 100

If there’s one truth to Christmas season, it’s that Secret Santa can get a bit stressful. Sure, the games of deception everyone pulls on each other is incredibly exciting, but at the end of the day, you’re still hunting for the perfect gift, and within your budget.

Whether it’s for your best friend, your work-wife or John from sales that you barely speak to, here’s a list of 15 last-minute ideas that are creative, budget-friendly, and appropriate for a game of Secret Santa at work or among friends!

Disclaimer: Availability and pricing of products may vary from when this article was published

1. Bartender Kit

Image Credit: www.carrefour.com

If you’ve got a friend or co-worker who’s delving into the world of creating the perfect cocktail or mocktail, look no further! Bartender kits are a perfect gift for those who are or aspire to be the ultimate hostess or host in your group.  And who knows, maybe they’ll invite you over more often and put the kit to excellent use!

Price range: AED 54-100

Retail and Online Stores: Amazon, Carrefour, Noon


2. Books

Image Credit: www.amazon.com, www.simonandschuster.com,www.obamabook.com

A gift that keeps giving and giving and giving, books aren’t just for the “bookworms”. Perfect for any occasion, there’s something out there for everyone and they’ll definitely appreciate the free mental vacation you’re sending them on. No fuss, no muss, and easy to wrap, this is one gift that’ll last forever!

Books we love: A Promised Land, Becoming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, The Midnight Library

Price range: AED 50-100

Retail and Online Stores: Borders, Book World by Kinokuniya, Amazon, Noon


3. Stationery

Image Credit: www.cottonon.com/typo

If your elf is an organized stationery addict with piles of unused stationery that they frequently admire and lovingly gaze at, then you know what to do. Whether it’s calendars, highlighter packs, unique sticky note collections that they use to perfectly organize their day from start to finish, you can be sure that they’ll love it.

Brands we love: Moleskin, Typo 

Price range: AED 20-100

Retail and Online Stores: Typo, Virgin Megastore, Book World by Kinokuniya, Amazon, Namshi


4. Kitchen Tools

Image Credit: www.thedailymeal.com

For those who love being in the kitchen (for cooking and eating purposes) more than anything else on the planet, gifting them kitchen tools are sure to warm their heart. These angels who are always at the ready to whip up a delicious meal may already have everything they’ll ever need, but everyone knows that it’ll never be enough for them.

Brands we love: Tavola, Lakeland, Ikea, Simple Kitchen

Price range: AED 35-100

Retail and Online Stores: Ikea, Ace, Home Centre, Amazon, Noon


5. Home Scents

Image Credit: www.bathandbodyworks.com, www.realhomes.com, www.maisondusavondemarsaille.com

As much as they are fun, festive seasons can get a bit stressful, especially for people who take on a lot of the cooking, gifting, and hosting responsibilities. Home scents are the perfect gift to help hosts, or anyone for that matter, unwind after a busy few days of festivities.

Brands we love: The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, La Maison Du Savon De Marseille

Price range: AED 20-100

Retail and Online Stores: The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, La Maison


6. Cheese Board

Put simply, cheese is a way of life. Gift this chic serving plate to any cheese lover and we guarantee that you’ll easily make their week a tad bit more brie-lliant (we had to).

Brands we love: Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Jones the Grocer

Price range: AED 45-100

Buy it from: Jones the Grocer, Amazon


7. Socks

Image Credit: www.oprahmag.com

There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t love warm, cosy socks in the winter (if they say otherwise, they’re lying). Not only are socks easy to gift, but you can also get incredibly creative with them and your elf’s warm feet are going to thank you forever.

Brands we love: H & M, Marks & Spencer

Price range: AED 20-100

Retail and Online Stores: H & M, M & S, Namshi, Amazon


8. Plush Toys

Image Credit: www.amazon.com

For those that are still children at heart, plush toys are a perfect addition to their growing collection (of course they have a collection). Find some plush toys that are Christmas themed and you’ve got the best gift for them.

Brands we love: Toys R Us, The Toy Store, Ikea

Price range: AED 25-100

Retail and Online Stores: NoonToys R Us, The Toy Store, Amazon


9. Board Games

Image Credit: www.amazon.com

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a coffee table, sipping hot chocolate, and playing board games with family and friends. Games like Snake & Ladders, Monopoly, and Scrabble are old news, there are so many options to choose from now!

Games we love: Cluedo, Lego, Speak Out, Uno

Price range: AED 39-100

Retail and Online Stores: Amazon, Toys R Us, The Toy Store, Noon


10. Jewelry

Image Credit: www.forever21.com

Jewelry is one of the Christmas classics, timeless and full of sentiment. For a little bit more oomph, you can always gift jewelry that has a personal touch.

Brands we love: Lovisa, Icing, H&M

Price range: AED 25-100

Retail and Online Stores: Amazon, Namshi, Noon


11. Silsal Mugs

Image Credit: www.silsal.com

With great, affordable designs, Silsal has something for everyone. Fun, delicate pieces that make everything less ordinary, Silsal also intricately balances designs from the past and the future while keeping it elegant.

Pieces we love: Love Mulooki Arabic Coffee Cup, Kunooz Arabic Coffee Cup

Price range: AED 45-100

Online Stores: Silsal, Namshi


12. Bathing Set

Image Credit: www.bodyshop.co


Body care gifts are always a hit and serve up some incredible relaxation. This festive season, gift your elf some seriously indulgent and sensorial body care gifts that’ll help them feel pampered and comfy from head to toe.

Brands we love:  Byredo, Aesop, The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works

Price Range: AED 50-100

Retail and Online Stores: The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works


13. Plush Slippers

Image Credit: www.goodhousekeeping.com

Homewear can be gifted on any occasion, but comfy plush slippers have a different feel when they’re worn on cold winter nights. Feeling like warm foot hugs, your elf is definitely going to love this one.

Price Range: AED 29-100

Online Stores:  Namshi, Amazon, Noon


14. Self-care kit

Image Credit: www.wewereraisedbywolves.co.uk

Self-care is no joke these days. Beauty staples like sheet masks and clay masks are must-haves to unwind and relax after a busy day. Not only are they great for skin, but they’re also easily available and customizable as per skin needs!

Brands we love: Sephora, The Face Shop, Rituals

Price Range: AED 30-100

Retail and Online Stores: Rituals, Sephora, The Face Shop


15. Assorted Gourmet Edibles

When all else fails, there’s only one thing you can rely on again and again, food. Celebrations are always about food, so why not ramp up the festivities and give them a customized basket or gift box with their favourite treats!

Brands we love: Depachika, Eataly, Jones the Grocer, Vego, Spinneys

Price Range: AED 20-100

Retails and Online Stores: M & S, Jones the Grocer, Eataly