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5 Unique Coffee Experiences for Coffee Lovers in Dubai

Coffee in today’s world is super trendy. You meet up for coffee with old friends, go on coffee dates, have work meetings over coffee…a lot revolves around these roasted little beans. However, true lovers of coffee know that it goes beyond just downing ‘X’ cups of this inviting and wonderful beverage in a day or appreciating the energy boost it gives you. Coffee creation is an art and every little detail is important.

Check out these seven unique experiences that will take you to Coffee Heaven, right here in Dubai!

Disclaimer: Prices and opening hours may vary depending on COVID-19 prevention measures. 

1. Coffee Museum

Image Credit: www.arabianbusiness.com

What: Explore the origins of coffee and journey through the past and present of the world of coffee. Roasting and brewing styles of different coffee hotspots in the world are demonstrated live and visitors also have access to several books and documentaries about coffee. Finish off at with a cup of coffee (of course) and a snack at the cost lounge.

Where: Villa 44, Al Bastakiya

Highlight: Egyptian Coffee Section, Ethiopian Coffee Section, International Antiques

Ticket Fare:  AED 10


2. Coffee Week, Al Seef

Image Credit: www.performancenetworks.co.uk

What: What’s better than one delicious cup of coffee? Multiple cups of delicious coffee! At Al Seef’s Coffee Week, treat yourself to aromatic coffee from Dubai’s trendiest homegrown coffee shops. Latest techniques in coffee creation are set to be displayed by baristas, so you can sneak a peek at how that perfect cup of coffee is made.

Where: Al Seef, January 7th to 13th

Highlight: Barista Showcases, Specialised Coffee Shops

Cost: Varied from stall to stall


3. Coffee Masterclass: From Seed to Cup – Black Coffee by Café Younes

Image Credit: www.pullman-danang.com

What: If you want to take things up a notch, and learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home, this coffee masterclass covers everything from roasting, grinding, brewing and cupping. Attendees also go home with a bag of freshly roasted coffee, a 10% discount on tools and merchandise, and an exclusive offer to Black Coffee’s subscription service.

Where: Duja Tower, World Trade Center Area

Highlight: Basics of roasting, Brewing

Cost: AED 275 per person for 4 sessions


4. Coffee Tasting, Surge Coffee Roasters

Image Credit: www. blog.eureka.co.it

What: At Surge Coffee Roasters, it really doesn’t matter what don’t know about coffee, the Coffee Tasting offers the opportunity to discover the beauty of coffee and develop your knowledge and skills in how to taste coffee.

Where: Gallery One Workshop, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4

Highlight: Differentiating between normal, honeyed, and washed coffee, Roasting Profiles

Cost: AED 500 per person for one 3 hour session


5. Latte Art, Surge Coffee Roasters

Image Credit: www.urnex.com

What: Sure, you make the best amateur cup of coffee and that’s a certified fact. But to truly impress your fellow gastronomes, learn how to texture your coffee, how to steam and handle the different types of milk, and turn your coffee into works of art!

Where: Gallery One Workshop, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4

Highlight: Pour Techniques, Designing

Cost: AED 500 per person for one 3 hour session