Product Gifting Policy & Disclaimer

I have a great deal of pride when it comes to the work I put in for lavinaisrani.com and the quality of the content I produce. I promise my audience honesty and transparency, and therefore the following Terms & Conditions shall be applicable to all brands seeking to work with me. 

Terms & Conditions

1)  Gifted Items

If you are interested in offering a PR product or service (“Product Gifting”) for the purpose of review or to style and post on lavinaisrani.com and /or other related social media platforms; the policy of Product Gifting is as follows:

  • I reserve the right to decide if and when a PR gifted/sample product/service will be featured on my blog and related social media platforms. If you choose to send me these items, you hereby agree that I am under no obligation to feature the product/service, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • I may or not post about the item in whatever context I consider appropriate and within the time frame I consider right.
  • If/when the product/service appears in blog posts and/or on social media, it will be identified as a gift item in the post and shall not be considered earnings.
  • If a product/service requires guaranteed blog/social media exposure, it is considered sponsored content and therefore is subject to payment.
  • If/When sending me items you agree that any returns or collection of items that are unsuitable will be carried out at your own expense. If/When sending me items from abroad/overseas, you agree that I will not be liable to pay any tax/customs duties/import fees and they will be at your own expense.
  • If/When gifted products/samples are sent to me without my prior knowledge or consent, the above is still applicable.

Note: The above does not indicate that your product will not be featured; it simply means that I am under no obligation to include specific information about your product or publish at a certain time on a particular platform when other brands have paid me a fee to do so. I am very likely to feature your product if I really like it/would really like to try it.  

2)      Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is not guaranteed unless both parties are in complete agreement of all details. I will only choose to personally endorse the product/service you offer if I believe in them, personally use them, or are similar to other products/services I use.

The fee quoted for the post will be based on the requirements specified and the level of exposure required. Please request a quote by emailing hello[at]lavinaisrani.com with full details of your requirements and I will get back to you with my fees.

I reserve the right to change these terms at any time with no provision of prior notice.