Dubai’s first ever cafe that specialises in StroopWaffles

Wondering where you can find these Dutch treats in Dubai? Look no further as Mimi and Sabrina introduce us to authentic Danish Stroopwaffles baked fresh upon order

The Kite Beach on Jumeirah Road is perhaps one of the most relaxing and fun venues to be at. Whether you are there for a quick jog or a casual date night, this district never disappoints.

Amongst all the unique ideas that have taken birth at Kite Beach, one of the coolest new openings currently is Dutchies Sweets & Treats – a concept cafe run by two Dutch girls Mimi and Sabrina who have brought the idea of freshly baked stroopwaffles to Dubai.

What is a stroopwaffle exactly? Although of the same origin, regular Dutch waffles and stroopwaffles are two different things.

A stroopwaffle is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. At Dutchies, you can even opt for Nutella and Lotus for your filling!

Besides serving as a hotspot for stroopwaffles, Dutchies offers a brilliant selection of Bocca Coffee that has been roasted in Amsterdam. A hot cup of Bocca pairs amazingly well with a batch of the softest and creamiest Speculoos-filled macarons!

Another reason to love Dutchies is because of their fantastic rooftop that offers an unobstructed view of the pristine beaches of Dubai. Overall, this is an amazing, grammable place to visit with your SO, friends, and family.

Dutchies Sweets & Treats is located in Kite Beach.
Opening hours are from 10AM to 11PM from Sunday to Wednesday, and 10AM to midnight from Thursday to Saturday.


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