Exploring the burger phenomenon at Salt, Kite Beach

In the freshly renovated Kite beach on Jumeirah Road hides Dubai’s latest rage ~ a Shake Shack-inspired burger joint called Salt

Essentially being a food truck serving 3 humble burgers (none of them being vegetarian) and a few sides, this place has lately garnered a lot of attention on social media and through word of mouth. Buying into the hype, I finally made a trip to try their Cheetos Chicken invention on a Thursday evening,

Finding Salt wasn’t as hard as gathering the patience to wait in queue for 30 minutes just to place the order. Add in another 15 minutes of wait to receive that order from the other side of the van. I ordered the only chicken option on the menu, which was mainly fried chicken with lettuce, cheetos, dressing, and cheese, sandwiched between a soft, moist mini bun.

Granted that it is a slightly overpriced burger (AED40 for 2 mini burgers that I finished in 4 minutes), it’s definitely flavorful and something that you would have wished to last longer than it does. Also, the chicken-cheetos combination might sound odd in the beginning, but it totally works. I can’t vouch for this claim, but I’ve heard from a lot of friends that their beef burgers are one of the best in the city.

You must absolutely try Salt if patience is your virtue and you don’t mind paying the premium.

Salt is located in the Kite Beach in Jumeirah.
Opening hours are from 12PM to 11PM, everyday. 


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