Italy’s famous chocolate shop has opened its first-ever Middle East location in City Walk 2

Said Dal 1923’s flagship store in Italy has been in operation since 1923, selling the most decadent lineup of chocolates, truffles, cakes, and so much more. They are the most popular for their, ‘grammable hot chocolate!

Lucky for us that Rome’s oldest chocolate factory now has a presence in Dubai. Although there is no factory set up here, the menu offerings are very similar to what’s available in Rome and London.

Said Dal 1923 is often recognized as the ‘best hot chocolate’ in the world

Let’s look into how the Dubai store is set up…


The Dubai branch has a café that’s spread across most of the venue. The chef at Said Dal 1932 dedicated six months to develop a menu for this region, so make sure to give it a try before you dive into the desserts!

An absolute must-try on the menu: The hot chocolate!! ?


A corner of the store is dedicated to Said Dal’s incredible chocolate offerings. There are truffles, chocolate spreads, jars of caramel, and cups made out of chocolate – just to name a few of the things you can take home!

Chocolates are also a universal gift. If you’re looking for gift baskets or anything to do with gifting chocolate, make sure to check out their vast displays for inspiration.

Said Dal 1923 is located in City Walk 2. Follow them on Instagram for more information.