Consistency in the restaurant industry – A make-or-break situation

The key to running a successful restaurant: Consistency

For any restaurant, one of the most challenging operational aspects is consistency. This has probably happened to many of you reading this – you decide to make a second visit to a restaurant because you loved something about your first experience. It can be a particular dish or a great cocktail, or just really good service. However this time on your repeat visit, there was something off. It wasn’t consistent.

Suddenly you aren’t sure whether you want to come back the third time because you just can’t be sure that they’ll get it right. Being inconsistent is one of the main reasons why a restaurant loses its regular customers and eventually fails. In order to stay in business, a restaurant has to be consistent with the quality of food & service. Customers don’t like unpleasant surprises.

The best example of consistency comes from a restaurant in Dubai called Trèsind. Trèsind is a modern fine-dining Indian restaurant that I have visited multiple times over the last few years, and I am yet to find an irregularity through my dining experiences here. Trèsind has successfully maintained a consistent level of quality and service ever since it opened its first venture in Dubai. Today, the restaurant has a presence in Dubai, Mumbai, and Kuwait.

Trèsind has undergone renovations, changed several seasonal menus, introduced concepts within concepts (Trèsind Studio) , and established successful brand expansions (Carnival by Trèsind). Yet, it let no obstacle get in the way of the Trèsind experience. Their new menu keeps the innovation quotient high while keeping up with their guest’s expectations in regard to quality and service.

Restaurants like Trèsind that excel in these areas are the ones that thrive. They are the ones that are happily recommended by others, are talked about by the water cooler, and the ones that have their tables sold out every weekend.

Trèsind is located on Level 2 at Voco Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Call +971 4 308 0440 for reservations. 


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