The exotic Pan-Asian brunch that oozes class and sensuality

The exotic Karma Karvery brunch sparks a love affair with Asia like never before

Its no less than a celebration of the avant-garde Asian era that brings influence from the various cuisines of the continent and boils it down to one colossal extravagance not only for the appetite, but even the soul.

Karma Kafe by Raymond Visan, the creator of internationally renowned Buddha Bar, brings life to the brunch concept with his blend of excellent Asian food as you sway to award-winning tunes that will keep you humming for days to come.

The menu is composed of the highest quality Asian dishes served to you a la carte on your table, a practice which ensures that every dish that comes out of the kitchen is freshly prepared upon order.

This is what makes the brunch worth going for. One of the best Asian food Ive had in Dubai has been from Karma Kafe, and knowing that I can order any menu item how many ever times I want was a big added bonus.

We started with a selection of Home-made Dim sums (wasabi prawn, spiced Thai chicken, creamy sweet potato), Shrimp Tacos, Spiced Crispy Calamari, and a Vegetable Maki Roll. Every dish was served in the ideal serveware and tasted exceptional. The creamy sweet potato dim sum stood out the most and is the brightest star in the dim sum platter, whereas the shrimp tacos with wasabi and mango is a party for the palate.

For mains, we opted for the famous Karvery Angry Chicken, Slow Roasted Lamb (both served with roasted baby potato & cherry tomato salad), Wok Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Chicken Satay, Grilled Aubergine with Sweet Miso, and a classic Nasi Goreng.

The Angry Chicken, coated in a thick, spicy mayonnaise sauce, will make you anything but angry. Its more like the Delighted Chicken, because nothing that tastes this good can exude negative energy. Another favorite was the Wok Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, a flavorful chicken dish that stays true to the roots of Asia.

Desserts were more of a mixed bag, with the Valrhona Chocolate Fondant and Creme Brulee winning our hearts instantly, and the Yuzu Panna Cotta being too pungent for my taste. All in all, an envious selection of desserts that will pull me back to Karma Kafe in the days to come.

The Karma Karvery brunch at Karma Kafe is an elite experience thats meant to be lived, and not just read about. So far, no Asian brunch comes anywhere close to what Karma Kafe has to offer. The added bonus of a stunning ambience and an unbeatable view of the Burj Khalifa from the terrace make it safe to conclude that Karma Kafe’s magic is here to stay.

The Karma Karvery Brunch runs every Friday from 12PM to 3PM. 
It is priced at AED 329 per person with soft drinks, and AED 449 per person with house beverages. 


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