If you are big on sheesha, you’re going to love this place

With gorgeous Moroccan-inspired interiors and an unobstructed view of the Burj Khalifa, Mezza House in Downtown Dubai has full possibility to become a hot spot for Levantine lovers. But does it really tap into its full potential?

As I stepped into this beautiful, spacious restaurant, I wondered why I haven’t ever been to this exquisite spot before. Serving Lebanese food and being licensed to serve shisha (both indoors and outdoors) with a drop-dead gorgeous view of the world’s tallest tower sounds like every Dubai resident’s dream pad.

The buzzing ambience, tasteful decoration and strategic location surely play a big role in building up the hype to hang out here. As I took a seat with my friend Teo, we sadly couldn’t overlook how some of the cutlery on the table seemed rather effete.

For lunch, we ordered some of the staple dishes from the Levantine region – the good old Hummus Beiruti (AED 28) and Baba Ghannouj (AED 24), both of which were delicious. The Cheese Cigars (AED 25) on the other hand desperately need attention. It was overly salty and left an odd aftertaste – I couldn’t fathom how I managed to dislike something that is deep-fried and oozes cheese.

Teo ordered a Mushroom Soup (AED 25) and a Mezza Mixed Grill Platter (AED 85) that included skewers of veal tikka, shish taouk, arayes, lamb rack, and kofta skewers. He thoroughly enjoyed both the dishes and suggests to order the mixed grill platter to share.

Next came what I absolutely loved and would highly recommend my readers to go to Mezza House for – the desserts, shisha, and beverages.

Post lunch, we transferred ourselves to the shisha room with like-minded people who seemed to thoroughly enjoy their Moroccan Tea served on the side of hubbly. Mezza House serves a fantastic Homemade Kunafa with Akkawi cheese (AED 30) that comes with a sugar syrup on the side and is surely one of the best kunafas I’ve tried.

What really breaks the record here is the Green Rose that is essentially chilled green tea served on ice, and has strong flavours of rose and peach infused. It’s an award winning combination! The shisha too, was smooth and cloudy.

After a mixed experience here, I will perhaps consider visiting Mezza House the next time I want to impress my guests with exotic cars flying past our kunafa-filled table.

Mezza House is located in Downtown Dubai. Opening hours are from 9AM to 1AM, everyday.


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