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How to play music videos in your car! Instructions + all the software you need

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite music videos in your car? Well, this is how you do it!


  1. Memory card/USB (4GB can hold almost 80 music videos)
  2. Car that plays DVDs (or else this won’t work)
  3. Aimersoft Video Converter
  4. Save From Plugin installed on your browser


Step 1: Download video of choice from YouTube using Save From Plugin

Step 2: Use Aimersoft to convert the file to a format that your car can read

This is the setting I use for my car – Audi MMI

Step 3: Transfer the converted file to your memory card/USB

Step 4: Plug in the memory card/USB to your car and play file

Did this work for you? Are there any problems you encountered? Let me know in the comments below!