A day well-spent at the spa! At Pal Auto Garage for a phenomenal makeover

How Pal Auto Garage helped me get my car back into that showroom condition!

What happens when you don’t open the bonnet of your car for 3 years? This!

My car, the Audi A7 2014, thrashed from within

When was the last time you examined your car’s bonnet or AC vents to assess how dirty they’ve become over the years?

To say the least, I was horrified when I got my car serviced earlier this year. The condition of the seats was abysmal (wear & tear), the windshield heavily scratched (thanks to the neighborhood cats), and the engine compartment was drowning in dust. There were also some scratches and deep gashes all over the body of the car.

The leather seats have apparent wear & tear

Until my service adviser at Audi didn’t point it out, I never thought about how much dust, grime, and dirt my car could accumulate if I don’t get it deep-cleaned from time to time.

However smooth the car may run, it needs to be extensively cleaned, polished, and shampooed at least once every 6 months.

It’s best to leave this task to professionals as they have the knowledge and resources to get your car back to the showroom condition.

I decided to trust my car with PAL Auto Garage in Deira, a well-known garage in Dubai that is known for performing high-quality standard of work at a fraction of what the dealers charge.

For professional detailing and deep-cleaning for my car’s interior and exterior, this is the package that I opted for:

Platinum Package (starts at AED 1,500+)

Carpet cleaning
Seat removal & cleaning
Interior shampooing
AC vent cleaning

Exterior polishing
Applying wax
Engine compartment cleaning
Glass & mirror polishing
Wheel rims polishing

At an additional small fee, PAL Auto Garage provided me with a pickup & drop off service, where their staff picked and dropped off my car directly from my residence. This made the entire process smooth and seamless!

Here are some pictures that were taken after the treatment:


  1. What car model is this? Audi A7 2014
  2. How old is the car? 3+ years
  3. Have I ever gotten my car deep-cleaned? No
  4. Which garage did I opt for? PAL Auto Garage in Deira
  5. What was the price of the treatment? AED 1500
  6. Where is this garage? They have 2 branches; Deira & Al Quoz
  7. How long did the procedure take? Generally takes 2 days, but mine went for 4 days as I had some nasty scratches (all fixed now)
  8. Is there pick-up/drop-off service available? Yes, at an additional cost of AED 50+ (depends on location)

About PAL Auto Garage

PAL Auto Garage is a 45,000 sq ft highly-advanced garage and workshop that caters to all services from routine maintenance to body repair for your automobile. They are also a premier vehicle testing center approved by Dubai RTA.

Exclusive Summer Special Deal

PAL Auto Garage is currently offering an exclusive Summer Special deal – Interior shampooing, exterior polishing, and tinting (50%) starts at AED 999.

To avail this offer, call the Deira branch on +971 4 297 1222 / +971 55 2655 857 or Al Quoz branch on +971 4 340 6448 / +971 56 539 0506


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