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Looking for dairy-free desserts? This place just introduced a new range of vegan ice creams!

Dubai’s homegrown ice cream brand Scoopi launches an exciting range of 5 vegan ice creams flavours

Who said vegans can’t eat ice cream? Dubai-born ice cream brand Scoopi, popularly known for serving the world’s most expensive ice cream, has recently launched a new line of dairy-free ice creams at their Jumeirah outlet.

Known for churning fresh ice cream using liquid nitrogen upon every order, the owner Zubin Doshi makes sure that every scoop of ice cream that leaves the kitchen is of the highest quality. Zubin conceived the idea to introduce vegan flavours in order to cater to a niche market.

There aren’t many places in Dubai serving vegan ice cream yet,” says Zubin. “The tricky part is to perfect the textures as there is no dairy involved,” explains Zubin, who has been in this industry for almost 2 years now.

Zubin uses dairy-free alternatives such as coconut milk and nut creams to substitute milk products. The new line of vegan flavours are mango, pistachio, mint chocolate chip, double berry, and strawberry-banana. Each scoop is priced at AED 31.

Besides ice cream, Scoopi also serves a premium range of chocolates in unique flavours such as raspberry saffron, passionfruit, and coffee caramel.

Scoopi is located in Jumeirah near Burj Al Arab and in Reel Cinemas, Marina Mall.
The vegan line is available exclusively at the Jumeirah branch.