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Luxury shoe customization goes a notch above – King’s, DIFC

Gone are the days of desperately hunting malls to find the ideal pair of shoes

Now, you can customize your bespoke shoes online and get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. 

Dubai-based footwear brand King’s has launched a service that currently no other shoemaker has on offer – the comfort and luxury of being home and designing your next shoe online.

King’s 3D Shoe Studio gives an accurate, true-to-life representation of what your next shoe will look like

King’s impressive 3D Shoe Studio technology offers you an abundance of choice. You get the freedom to select the style, material, color, and even the lining of your next shoe. This one-of-a-kind service lets you place your shoe orders online, which can then be shipped anywhere in the world. A custom pair of shoes typically takes 4-6 weeks in production.

King’s manufacture shoes for both men and women. They also have a premium selection of belts, shoelaces, socks, and handkerchiefs to complement your entire look.

Mr. Nilesh Karani, founder of King’s

Customizing a pair on the Shoe Studio at

The Shoe Studio at unleashed all my creativity! During the shoe-designing process, not only did I get to learn about the different parts of the shoe, but I also discovered the number of aspects that can be customized in just one pair of shoes. The combinations are truly endless.

My shoe: Derby Wingtip (AED 850)
Lining: Black
Welt: Black
Outsole: Black
Captoe: Croco Black
Base: Patent Black
Vamp: Patent White
Back: Patent White
Laces: Black

Accuracy: 95%

About King’s

King’s e-commerce store is the brainchild of Mr. Nilesh Karani, who decided to take his family’s retail business one step ahead. He deeply understands the value of having a shoe custom-built according to your taste, as well as your individual personal fit.

As he says, each human is slightly disproportionate, which means that your left side might be different than your right. Due to this discrepancy in the human body, bespoke shoes are the next big thing.

You can customize your own pair of shoes by visiting the King’s 3D Shoe Studio by clicking here.
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In addition to their e-commerce website, King’s also has a retail outlet in Gate Avenue, DIFC.


Store #52 (under renovation)
(temporarily located at Store 49)
Gate Avenue Mall, DIFC Dubai, U. A. E.
Phone: +9714 5147282


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