Why you should invest in this mirror worth AED 999


A recent poll on my Instagram page revealed that 90% of my audience would NOT invest AED 999 in a mirror. Many sent their feedback that it was too expensive, but let’s not forget that this isn’t any ordinary mirror that we’re talking about. It’s an intelligent high-end simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror.

If you haven’t come across simplehuman products yet, then you’re missing out on an entire range of premium kitchen, bath, and beauty products that are redesigned with innovation and technology to make life more efficient at home.

A simplehuman product that has changed my life for the better is the simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror. It is an expensive product, but after using it regularly for 3 months, I realized how this redesigned technology makes an ordinary mirror absolutely useless and obsolete. 

Let’s compare the specifications of the simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror and my generic bathroom mirror:

simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror

Generic bathroom mirror


AED 999

AED 50


5 years

Usually none


8 inch round

6 inch round


Tru-lux light






Brushed stainless steel





Mirror Glass

Ultra-clear, high-quality glass 

Basic mirror glass

Not only is the simplehuman a far better product in terms of specifications, but it also provides extra features that a regular mirror does not.

  • The extra magnification capability that a generic mirror cannot replicate

When I look at my face on a simplehuman mirror versus a regular mirror, there is a stark difference in the quality of zoom. This is due to the ultra-clear, high-quality mirror glass that simplehuman uses in its product that gives you an actual reality of what your face looks like – down to every hair follicle and blemish on your face. This is particularly useful while shaving, tweezing, and applying makeup.

  • Tru-lux lighting that gives you an actual depiction of your makeup

Under the wrong lighting, makeup colors can fool you. simplehuman’s Tru-lux light system allows you to see subtle variations in your makeup color, so you always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless. This technology is the next best thing to natural sunlight.

On the other hand, a regular bathroom mirror does not come with built-in lights. If it does, it is usually a cheaper-quality bulb which makes little to no difference to the representation of your makeup shade.

  • Premium build and durability

simplehuman uses high-quality build material and solid engineering to give their products durability as well as a premium finish. In comparison to simplehuman mirrors, a regular bathroom mirror feels like a low-quality toy.

simplehuman also comes with a 5-year warranty, in case something goes wrong.

The simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror is cordless and rechargeable

The simplehuman Sensor Touch Control Mirror is cordless and rechargeable

What is your opinion on this simplehuman redesigned mirror? Would you spend AED 999 on it? Let me know in the comments below!

simplehuman products are sold across all Tavola stores in UAE. Locate a Tavola Store by clicking here. Click here to browse their online store. Free UAE delivery for orders over AED 200. 


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