The best diet tips from my Bollywood celebrity nutritionist!

The background story

So a couple of years ago, a 46-kgs version of me decided that I need to visit a nutritionist to lose weight the right way. Being the Bollywood-obsessed creature that I am, I chose celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija to guide me on how to lose weight in a sustainable way.

What I learnt

What a lot of people thought was a sheer waste of money actually turned out to be one of the most valuable lessons I’ve received about food & nutrition.

Here are the best diet tips that I’ve inherited from my nutritionist:

1) Eat every two hours

Even if it’s a biscuit! Make sure not to go without eating for more than 2 hours. Smaller, more frequent meals rev up your metabolism and you burn more calories even while doing nothing.

2) Drink your vegetables

Have a glass of vegetable juice every day. The rules are:

  • Blend 3 vegetables of different colors (for eg. red, green, orange can be tomato, spinach, and carrot)
  • No fruits allowed in the mix
  • Filter half the fiber, and let the other half remain
  • You can flavor the juice with rock salt, lime juice, ginger juice, mint leaves, pepper

3) Exercise every day

Even if it’s a walk, you must exercise for an hour every day.

4) Restrict your oil intake

My diet chart restricted my oil intake to 3 teaspoons per day. Oil is the backbone of your diet – you must watch it carefully.

5) All fruits are allowed except…

Bananas. My serving portion was restricted to 2 fruits per day.

Attached is my diet plan – it’s created according to my requirements and may or may not fit your lifestyle.




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