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These 8 mistakes are the biggest boulders in your blogging career

Are you wondering why your blog hasn’t taken off yet? Here are the top 8 most common mistakes that are your blogging career’s biggest boulders…

1) You don’t really have a blog

A blogger is a person who writes for a blog. Having an Instagram page doesn’t make you a blogger, it makes you an Instagrammer/micro-blogger; people who aren’t taken as seriously as bloggers (in most cases).

If you want to be taken seriously, get a real blog.

2) If you do have a blog, you don’t have your own domain

Don’t skimp on buying a domain. This is your address on the Internet – it’s the most important part of your website.

3) You are unprofessional

You don’t reply to emails for weeks, you’re impolite, you don’t stick to your word – all signs of being unprofessional and not a nice person in general. Brands prefer not to work with such people.

4) You watermark your photos

Watermarks make your photos look ugly.

If someone wants to steal your photos, they can do it even if they’re watermarked.

5) You don’t have a USP

Every product and service in this world needs a USP (Unique Selling Point) to differentiate itself. If there’s nothing unique about your blog, chances are that it won’t do well.

6) You write for other reviewing sites

Writing for websites such as TripAdvisor and Zomato cheapen your brand value. If there’s a website that you’re going to write for, it should be your own.

7) You sell too hard

Your task as a blogger is to share your experiences in life, and not to be a walking, talking brand slave. When you try to sell something too hard, your audience can pick up on it and will eventually lose interest in what you’re talking about.

Stop being a salesman and start becoming a storyteller sharing stories, thoughts, and experiences.

8) You don’t add value to your content

Create original, engaging, and thought-provoking content so that your audience keeps coming back for more.Β If you can’t add value to their lives, you’ve lost them.



  1. Sharan 24 July, 2017 at 14:45 Reply

    Every picture, those lips speak a different story ! Why?

    It is disparate, goes without saying it is quite prepossessing to the extent making it difficult for a person to turn his eyes and look elsewhere, yet the perplexing differences astound me.

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