Turning old school to new school – A visit to Ice Lab in Al Quoz 2 is a must for all Dubai kids

Whoever has stayed in Dubai for long enough is well aware of the conveniently modified honk-and-order drive-through culture that we have grown up in. Be it a grocery, a cafeteria, or your local tea house, one buzz from your car is enough to grab a gentleman’s attention who will get your order delivered to your car without you lifting a finger.

Staying true to this old school drive-through system that we are grossly spoilt by, Ice Lab located in Al Quoz 2 is a convenient pit-stop that reinvents what we’ve grown up eating into something more hip and grammable. As one would imagine, there’s not much going on when it comes to the ambience, but what makes you love Ice Lab is their improvised take of our addictive childhood snacks such as assorted stuffed parathas (a type of flatbread), crepes, waffles, slushies, and karak tea to mention a few.

Tried and tested items from the menu include the Nutella Jar milkshake (AED 35 if served in the Nutella jar, AED 20 if served in ordinary plastic) and the Lotus milkshake (AED 25). Both shakes were luscious, flavourful, and creamy, and are good enough to be shared amongst two.

Ice Lab works because they deliver exactly what they promise. Convenient, indulgent snacks delivered to your doorstep (or rather carstep) that makes the commute totally, completely, utterly worth it.

Ice Lab is located next to Al Quoz Pond Park in Al Quoz 2. They are open from 12PM to 12AM, everyday. 


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