Wednesdays well-spent at Marriott Al Jaddaf, Dubai

How I geared up for the weekend at Marriott’s humble Jaddaf property

Wednesday is undeniably my favourite day of the week! It’s the day I give myself a pat on the back for making it through yet another week at work. Who anyway works on a Thursday, right?

Not only do I give myself a mere pat, but also a monthly treat at Dubai’s most luxurious spas. This time though, I took things up a notch by following the ritual with a wine & cheese affair in the same hotel.

6PM: Arrival at the Saray Spa, Marriott Al Jaddaf

I’ve booked myself in for the Arabic Coffee Awakener treatment at Marriott’s award-winning spa, Saray Spa.

When they say coffee, they mean it. The treatment starts with a 20-minute Black Arabic Coffee & sea salt exfoliation from head to toe to get rid of all the dead skin you’ve accumulated, leaving your entire body soft and flushed.

This is followed by a full body mask consisting of Jordanian Dead Sea mud and Black Arabic Coffee that is lathered on your body and left to rest for another 25 minutes.

After washing off the mask in the shower, the remaining 45 minutes are spent receiving a soothing scalp and body massage.

This 90-minute-long treatment is my favourite amongst all the spa treatments that I’ve tried so far. I’m still telling tales from my time at the Saray Spa.

8PM: Italian Fiesta on Wednesday nights at Merletto, Marriott Al Jaddaf

Shifting gears from Arabia to Europe, I freshened up from the spa and arrived at Merletto, Marriott Al Jaddaf’s premium Italian restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel.

Here, Chef Massimiliano has recently introduced themed nights, and Wednesdays are for an Italian Festa. This experience took us on a journey through different courses during dinner, with unlimited antipasti such as caprese salads and bruschettas served at the buffet counter, and hot appetisers such as mushroom soup and arancini brought to our table.

For main course, a menu is brought out with a selection of signature Italian dishes such as Eggplant Parmigiana for the vegetarians and Lasagna Bolognese for the meat eaters. I opted for the Grilled Marinated Chicken – a plump roasted chicken served with a side of fries. It bragged perfectly charred skin yet managed to retain all its juices, reflecting the sophisticated culinary skills of the Merletto team.

At an addition of AED 50, we got 2 glasses of wine and the golden ticket to their small yet sufficient cheese spread. No better way to end a Wednesday night.

The Arabic Coffee Awakener (90 minutes) at Saray Spa is for AED 555.
The 3-course Italian Fiesta at Merletto is held every Wednesday and is for AED 140/person, with an additional charge of AED 50 for 2 glasses of wine and premium cheese.
Marriott Al Jaddaf is a 5-star property in the Jaddaf district.
Call 04 317 7777 for bookings.


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